Frequently Asked Questions

Go through this page if you have any questions regarding our services, quality of work, ordering process etc. We have curated a list of our visitors’ most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, contact us through live chat, WhatsApp, telecom or email, and we will happily respond to your queries.


Orders And Payments

How can I order assignment help from BuyAssignmentOnline?

We offer an easy ordering process. Complete our online order form by entering your order details and uploading any necessary documents, including your assignment brief or other required documents from your university. Make payment for the Australian services using a debit or credit card, PayPal, or you can send money directly into our bank account. Regardless of the nature and cost of the service you take from BuyAssignmentOnline, you can make the payment in two equal instalments. Once we receive a 50% deposit, our ghostwriters will begin working on your assignment. Once you make the payment, you will receive an email confirming your order at your email address. We urge all of our clients to often check their emails until they formally approve the paper given by the ghostwriter since you can contact the ghostwriter via email. Naturally, the designated ghostwriter will revise the paper as much as necessary until you are completely satisfied with the assignment’s emphasis, depth, and quality.

How much does your assignment help cost?

To get an immediate pricing estimate for our many services, go to our online order form. The prices that our order form generates depend on a number of parameters, including your word count, research topic, deadline, degree of difficulty, subject, type of service, etc.

What subjects do you cover as part of your assignment help?

We have the best ghostwriters in Australia who work well together to create excellent work for a wide range of academic courses at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. We cover a range of topics, including Humanities, Law, Management, STEM, Marketing, Computer Science, Databases etc.

Can I make the payment in instalments?

The convenience of our customers is a priority for us. You can make payments for all assignment writing services, such as dissertations, essays, assignments, posters, etc., in two easy instalments. Using our simple order form, you can make the 50% advance payment. Please note that the remaining payment must be settled before the final delivery.

When will you deliver my assignment?

Regardless of how urgent your order is, our team of qualified and experienced ghostwriters can handle any form of assignment. If your order has a shorter deadline, especially for orders with the same or next-day delivery, there will be additional prices. However, we recommend giving at least three days for large orders to get the right quality.

What guarantees do you provide as a part of your assignment help?

Among the many guarantees that Research Prospect gives to achieve customer satisfaction, a few are:

  • Quality Control
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Customised Approach
  • Free Revisions
  • Confidentiality

Review the rest of the guarantees on the “our guarantees” page.

Are there any discounts for your customers?

Well, of course, we offer discounts! Check out our “Offers” page to see all the available offers.

Am I allowed to communicate directly with my ghostwriter?

While you are not allowed to communicate directly with the ghostwriter assigned to your assignment, you may still send in your queries throughout the process using email or contact our customer support team.

Are BuyAssignmentOnline’s assignment writing services confidential?

You can be sure that we follow 100% confidentiality when it comes to your assignments. You can check our privacy policy to check that your work is completely secure with us. We do not share your assignment with anyone else, nor do we use your assignment in any future project.

Why is my coupon code not working?

First, check the validity of your coupon code. If your coupon is valid and it is still showing an error, you don’t have to worry. Fill out your form, and after that, contact our customer support team. We will share a discounted payment voucher with you.

Can I cancel my order?

If for any reason, you want to cancel your order, you can do it within 24 hours of placing the order before we assign it to a ghostwriter. You can do this by simply emailing us your order number, and your payment will be refunded to your account accordingly.

Can I track my order status?

If you want to ask about the status of your order, send us an email with your order number. We will notify the status of your order soon.

Can you proofread and edit an existing assignment?

Before a ghostwriter is given editing or proofreading work, we need a deposit in AUD. Our ghostwriters are skilled at proofreading your assignments, editing them, and then making suggestions on what to add or remove. They could also advise starting over with your assignment, particularly if the current document needs a lot of changes.
Your final payment will be adjusted to reflect the deposit amount. Once the payment has been received, the ghostwriter will begin working on your order. The AUD deposit will be returned to you if you decide not to use our proofreading, editing, and enhancement service. Learn more about our professional proofreading and editing services.

What If I miss something in my requirements? Can I send it later?

It is advisable to give all your requirements before we assign it to the ghostwriter. You can send more information later through email. However, there is no guarantee that the changes will be applied to the assignment if the ghostwriter is done with it. In case the changes are essential, they may cost extra.

Do you receive orders over the phone?

There might be a lot of misunderstandings when placing an order over the phone. Therefore, you can place your order using our online order form. You can attach multiple documents to it so that our ghostwriter can completely understand your project.

How to pay over the phone?

It is not a safe option to pay over the phone. You can make the payment using any accepted payment method, including direct bank transfer, debit or credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Why do I have to verify my payment?

Since we are an online business, We are susceptible to fraudulent payments. On rare occasions, we might need specific documentation to authenticate the transaction in order to protect our business and guarantee your safety as a client. This is especially true when confirming payments exceeding a certain threshold. These documents will be checked in a fully private manner in accordance with Australia’s Privacy Act. In a situation where you do not want to submit such documents or proof, we advise making the payment using bank transfer as it is a secure method.

What methods of payment do you accept?

A 50% payment is taken at the start of the project, and we take the rest after delivering the final project. Our preferable mode of money transfer includes the following:

  • Debit Or Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Transfer
What if I do not want to pay at the beginning?

The 50% advance payment is for when we have found a ghostwriter for your assignment. You can order for free before that. However, we will start working on your project instantly if you make the advance payment.

I am still trying to decide what topic to choose for my dissertation. Can I place an order without deciding on a topic?

There’s no need to be upset if you don’t have an approved topic for your dissertation. In our free list of dissertation topics, you may find engaging topics that you can use to start working. Alternatively, we offer free topic suggestions to our customers when they place an order. You will receive free topic suggestions s part of the proposal or dissertation service. After deciding on a topic, you may purchase a proposal or dissertation.

Can I place an order for my friend?

The only thing needed is your friend’s consent before you place an order on their behalf. Otherwise, we have no issues with you placing an order for someone else.

I am satisfied with your services. How do I refer your services to my friend?

When you refer our services to a friend, you get a 10% discount on your order. You can simply ask your friend to place an order on the website and email [email protected] with your name.

Do you provide academic tutoring services in Australia?

We are currently not offering tutoring services. We do offer plenty of services, including exam revision notes services, free research topics, proofreading and editing and much more.

How do I purchase one of your sample essays?

The essays available on our website are not for sale. They are to inspire students and showcase our quality of work. Our services are purely customised according to the requirements of our customers.

Can BuyAssignmentOnline help me with collecting primary data?

A part of our dissertation services is drafting questionnaires and interviews. You may be asked to pay an extra amount to the writer to gather additional data. You should state the data collection requirements when you are placing the order.

Do you provide drafts of the assignments?

The optional features of our online order form will include the opportunity to add one or more drafts to your order. Once you have paid for the service, a member of our customer support team will get in touch with you to confirm a delivery date for each draft. The price of an additional draft (or drafts) will mostly be determined by the additional words the writer creates and the additional hours they must spend on your order. To guarantee that your paper is delivered on schedule, please get in touch with us within 24 hours of getting the draft.

Do you include appendices to my order?

You can ask for appendices in your order. It is a part of our paid and optional services. Simply select the option while placing your order.

Quality and Plagiarism

Is your work plagiarism-free?

We offer 100% plagiarism-free work. We double-check every assignment using plagiarism detection software. We also include a free plagiarism report with every order.

Can I have access to the assignment outline?

We cannot provide you with the outline before the delivery date because various teams are assigned to check your assignment’s quality. Therefore, we cannot give you access to the writer’s notes and project plans.

Why do you cost more than others?

We offer high-quality services at expensive rates for the causes listed below:

Our writing staff

It’s essential to compensate our ghostwriters fairly. We only work with authors with a strong background in their disciplines and excellent writing abilities.


We can consistently deliver on-time, high-calibre work thanks to our industry-leading assurances.

Quality Control

Every undertaking goes through procedures to ensure quality is not compromised. Our quality control team works around the clock to ensure that the work we produce for you is of the highest calibre, starting with the group that first evaluates the project, moving on to the writers, and finally to the final group that verifies that there are no grammatical errors and no plagiarism in the document.

Do you always find qualified writers? What occurs if you are unable to locate a writer?

Our team’s top choice is a qualified ghostwriter who can finish the assignment by the date. We only give a task if we are confident that the assigned writer will be able to finish it on schedule and to the required level of quality. Though it does not happen however, if we cannot find a writer to complete the job after your order, we will refund you.

Why can’t I submit the assignment if it is plagiarism-free?

The work offered is free of plagiarism, which means that no information or material has been stolen or plagiarised from the work of any prior academic. No duplication would be found even if you turned in the paper to your institution in its current form. However, identifying the work as your own will be a poor moral and ethical decision. To better grasp how to utilise our service legally, read our Fair Use Agreement.

Fair Use of Services

Can BuyAssignmentOnline resell my work?

No, we do not resell our clients’ work. Please visit Our guarantees for further information.

How to utilise the sent assignment?

We retain copyrights for any writing at our company. You are welcome to use our work as a resource for further study. Please view our Fair Use Policy to learn more about how to use our material.

Can I submit your work at my university?

Before sharing your work, it must be appropriately referenced. When you place an order, we ask you to accept our terms and conditions; as a result, if you use the work as your own, you will violate the contract.

Is BuyAssignmentOnline providing legal services?

We offer legitimate services only. Our team of 35 works nonstop to give you the finest job possible. Our teams collaborate closely with them to ensure that the students comprehend how to use our services correctly. You may get in touch with us if you have any concerns.

Is using your services considered cheating?

We prefer helping the students; if you want to cheat, BuyAssignmentOnline is not for you. Although our ghostwriters offer good assignment/dissertation titles, we always encourage our clients to be as involved as possible, so we advise choosing the dissertation title yourself. Thanks to our Fair Use Policy, we ensure you are not deceiving. We would like to compare it to consulting a book in your campus library; you visit the library to look for assistance from the accessible works by various writers.

How can the BuyAssignmentOnline improve your academic performance?

At BuyAssignmentOnline, we always ensure that we can help the students improve by offering sample responses written by our professional writers. They make it easier for you to comprehend the study and critical abilities you need to succeed. We emphasise critical abilities like logical thinking and time management. You must realise that our goal is to teach you how to write excellent assignments and dissertations so that you can write essays on your own in the future and obtain good marks. To accomplish this, you must carefully examine our ghostwriters’ assignment approaches and study methods. To learn how BuyAssignmentOnline can help you accomplish more, place an order right away.

Are BuyAssignmentOnline’s writing services confidential and secure?

All of our services are strictly confidential. Our policies and working practices reflect the most recent privacy and plagiarism regulations. We promise to keep the specifics of your assignment confidential from anyone besides you.

Can I send your assignment directly to my supervisor?

We only offer unique material. Our ghostwriters will always produce original content that is 100% plagiarism-free to the point that Turnitin or Write Check’s plagiarism detection tools will declare them original.
If you want to forward our ghostwriters’ work as your own, some danger may be involved. Any material not covered in your course or that you have not studied for the entirety of your degree would raise suspicions in the supervisor’s mind.
They might also ask you to clarify or discuss a particular section of your project or assignment. You could get into serious problems if you don’t have enough understanding of the entire idea.
BuyAssignmentOnline does not tolerate plagiarism. The best learning method is to use the sample properly to write your assignment. Our Fair Use Policy contains more details about how to use our work correctly.

Will my supervisor find out if I submit the assignment as my own?

Our work is unique and unplagiarised. As a result, Turnitin and Write Check cannot find any duplication. Additionally, we never sell any projects to outside parties. The task, however, is not submitted on your behalf by us. The offence of academic dishonesty will apply. It is up to you to use the material lawfully and adequately once we have turned it over.

Will my institution be aware that I used Buy Assignment Online’s services?

Learn more about how to use the content completely by viewing our Fair Use Policy. We operate in complete secrecy and protect our customers’ privacy, so the institution will never be able to determine that you used our services.

Who is the rightful owner of the work?

You do not receive the copyright for the work written by us. However, we grant exclusive permission to obtain a duplicate of the work created for educational reasons, which you can use as an illustration.
To learn more about property concerns, please review our Terms And Conditions.

Can I have direct contact with assignment writers?

Email correspondence with the assignment writer is possible. We advise you to check your inbox frequently.

About BuyAssignmentOnline

When and how can I contact your customer support team?

Feel free to contact our customer support via phone (+441416287786), email ([email protected]), live chat, or Messenger.

We work seven days a week.

Monday & Tuesday: 8:00- 22:00(GMT)
Wednesday & Thursday: 08:00-22:00 (GMT) Our phone lines will be closed from 08:00 to 20:00 (GMT), but you can still order online and communicate with our employees via live chat and email.
Friday: 08:00 – 20:00 (GMT)
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00 (GMT) Our phone lines will be closed, but you can still order online and converse with our staff over live chat and email.
We can also reply to your inquiries on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter, and other bank holidays. We promise that during business hours, a customer support team will reply to your email within 30 to 40 minutes.

What distinguishes BuyAssignmentOnline from other assignment writing services?

Each service we offer has a specific procedure we follow with great care. As soon as your order is accepted, our team examines the prerequisites and develops a thorough strategy to guarantee prompt delivery. At this stage, if you have any extra information to share, we’ll contact you.
Our dedicated team finds the most qualified ghostwriters for your assignment. The best writer typically has the academic credentials and subject-matter knowledge necessary to finish your work by the due date.
After the assignment is finished, the writer will send it to our quality control department, which will check for originality and plagiarism. We offer complimentary amendments option to all of our customers.

How can the legitimacy of the BuyAssignmentOnline be verified?

We at BuyAssignmentOnline are frequently imitated but never duplicated. Many websites will present themselves as BuyAssignmentOnline or an affiliate of our business. There are many frauds, advertising, and false websites online that could produce dreadfully inadequate work or even no work at all.
Please view our guarantees by clicking here before placing any order. We have received numerous recognition in local and international news over the years.
Additionally, our website includes evaluations sourced from our review partners at and and is 100 per cent genuine and verified. Always check to see if you can read reviews about a website on a trustworthy external review site.
Also, look for the “certified/verified” symbol, which indicates that the review site has independently confirmed the customer’s legitimacy.
Always check that the URL includes when placing an order with us so that you can see our SSL certificate. Call us or use live messaging if you’re uncertain.

On what criteria does Buy Assignment Help recruit and evaluate their writers?

An internal recruitment staff handles the choice of authors. Most of our ghostwriters have a master’s degree, and some have a Doctorate. Before giving them any assignment, we verify their photo ID and evidence of academic credentials. The applicants are then given practice tests by our quality control team, which thoroughly tests them before extending an offer of employment.

Who are the assignment writers at BuyAssignmentOnline?

Hand-selected assignment writers undergo rigorous testing to determine their credentials and writing abilities. We confirm that the authors are capable of handling the task that has been delegated to them. For a Masters-level dissertation, we ensure the author has a Master’s degree and is thoroughly qualified to handle your essay.


How will the BuyAssignmentonline deliver my order?

We customise our delivery plans per your preference, such as it may take us a week to deliver your course project and a year to complete your Phd dissertation.

Can I receive my disseration chapter by chapter?

Yes, you can receive your dissertation in that way. Our ghostwriters will provide you with a free outline of your dissertation. After you have accepted the plan will, the ghostwriter begin work on your dissertation.
A dissertation is typically delivered in three sections. We recognise that it is the foundation of your academic career. Remember to let us know your conditions and expectations when purchasing. Our team will contact you and devise a delivery schedule for your dissertation.

What are your amendment charges?

We provide free-of-cost amendments.

What happens if the writer doesn’t meet my expectations?

As part of our free revisions policy, we urge ghostwriters to make project changes. This, however, is exceptionally unlikely given the expertise of our ghostwriters in all academic disciplines.

When will the delivery period begin?

After a writer has been allocated to your project and we have received a 50% advance payment, the delivery time will start. If we cannot find a writer, we will put your order on pause until we identify a ghostwriter qualified to work on your project.

Are weekends included in the delivery days?

BuyAssignmentOnline works seven days a week, excluding Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve.

How much time do you need to select a ghostwriter?

After getting the order, we aim to locate a ghostwriter within a few hours. Depending on the project’s difficulty and structure, it may require less or more time. We often inform our customers and only entrust an assignment to a writer if we are sure of it.

When will the order be delivered when it is due?

We typically send work to our customers between 7 pm and 11 pm (AUS time). Our quality control team may occasionally feel that the task needs to be modified. It could come a bit late in that situation. Nevertheless, we will inform you beforehand and ask for your permission.
Kindly do not anticipate receiving the document before the delivery date. We will retain ownership of your project until the final payment is received if the balance is not paid.

How can I verify the accuracy of the dissertation before making the final payment?

We never disclose a copy or a strategy of the dissertation. You are advised to share the prerequisites before our ghostwriters begin working.
Our quality assurance team will ensure that your assignments and dissertations follow the proper referencing style. Before the predetermined arrival date, we do not, however, disclose it. Moreover, after getting and evaluating the work, you may still ask for free changes within the permitted time frame.

Guarantees and Support

How do I request a refund?

We prioritise customer satisfaction. If you need a refund at any point, we will find the reasons that made you ask for a refund. In case you do not get the desired grades, we would happily consider your supervisor’s remarks to notice if there were any errors. Moreover, you can cancel your order by contacting our team and providing your order number and related details before we assign a ghostwriter for you. Also, we would like to know the reasons for your refund request.

Will my assignments be advertised?

No, we don’t advertise our client’s work. It’s their property. You can check our guarantee services for more information.

Is BuyAssignmentOnline providing legal services?

Yes, BuyAssignmentOnline provides legal services. We have a team of 35 who work tirelessly to provide you with legitimate help. You may contact our customer care team if you have more queries.

Are there any discounts?

Check our offers page to get amazing discounts.

Does Research Proposal provide confidential services?

We provide exclusive services to our clients. You can visit our privacy policy page to see that confidentiality is our top priority. We take care of our client’s privacy. Moreover, we do not disclose our client’s identities to our ghostwriters.

How to contact the ghostwriter directly?

We follow some privacy policies that obligate us not to reveal our ghostwriters’ identities. Hence, you may email your queries to our customer care team. And we will ensure that your emails reach the ghostwriter and vice versa.

Has my coupon code expired?

If the website shows an error when you apply the coupon code, please email us your coupon code with your filled form.

How do I know my order status?

Email us directly to know the current status of your assignment order.

How do I pay for my assignment?

You are supposed to pay 50% of the total payment in advance by following methods:

  • Debit/Credit Card powered by Stripe Pay
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
Can your ghostwriter collect primary data for my assignment?

It is a part of assignment writing. However, if you need additional sources to collect primary data, you must state that in your order through email and pay charges.

Are your assignments plagiarism free?

We offer 100% plagiarism-free content. You can also get a plagiarism report on your assignments.

What quality of work does BuyAssignmentOnline provide?

We provide quality content and ensure the following quality standards:

  • First Quality Standard (70 % or above)
  • 2:1 Quality Standard (60-70 %)
  • 2:2 Quality Standard (50-60%)

For PHD students, we offer one quality standard only.