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Construction Project Management Research Topics & Ideas

Construction project management is a popular field of work due to the growing need for skilled individuals who can manage construction projects from the beginning until the end through planning, coordination and control.

Construction project management is the process of planning, coordinating, and controlling the various tasks and resources involved in a construction project, from inception to completion. It involves managing project timelines, budgets, resources, and stakeholders to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Effective construction project management requires the application of various management principles and techniques to ensure that the project meets its objectives and that risks are managed effectively.
If you are searching for some unique, intriguing and manageable construction project management research topics so you can make a valuable contribution as an academic researcher, you will find some great ideas in this blog to get started.

So without further ado, let’s look at our top topic suggestions for your construction project management dissertation.

Construction Project Management Research Topics

  1. Investigating the impact of construction project management methodologies on project outcomes.
  2. Assessing the role of risk management in the success of construction projects.
  3. Analyzing the impact of technology on construction project management practices.
  4. Investigating the impact of effective communication on project success in construction.
  5. Evaluating the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction project management.
  6. Assessing the effectiveness of quality management systems in construction project management.
  7. Analyzing the impact of sustainability on construction project management practices.
  8. Investigating the use of lean construction in improving project delivery in construction.
  9. Evaluating the role of stakeholder management in construction project management.
  10. Investigating the impact of leadership style on project success in construction.
  11. Analyzing the impact of procurement strategies on construction project performance.
  12. Assessing the effectiveness of project scheduling in construction project management.
  13. Investigating the role of project governance in ensuring project success in construction.
  14. Analyzing the impact of organizational culture on construction project management practices.
  15. Evaluating the effectiveness of project monitoring and control in construction project management.
  16. Investigating the role of project scope management in construction project success.
  17. Assessing the impact of project budgeting on project performance in construction.
  18. Analyzing the effectiveness of project team management in construction projects.
  19. Investigating the impact of legal and regulatory compliance on construction project management practices.
  20. Assessing the role of knowledge management in improving project performance in construction.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Construction Project Management: Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Safety Incident Rate, Change Order Rate, and Customer Satisfaction Score.

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